Filter Paper Roll

Technical Filter Fabric media: We Supply Filter Fabric Media which we import From Germany And other European Countries. Our Filter Paper Roll is Available in the Standard widths of 300 mm to 2100 mm and length from 25 meters to 200 meters and above as per Customers Requirements. We offer different types of Non Woven Filter Paper Roll of 1 microns Finer to 100 Microns Courser. We are counted among the booming Heat Sealable Filter Paper Roll Exporters based in India.

The Advantages Of Servotech Coolant Filter Media Vis-À-Vis Equivalent Filter Media Available Locally are listed below:
  • The filtration efficiency of SERVOTECH Coolant Filter Media is far superior and consistent
  • SERVOTECH offers wide range of filter Media made from fibres such as Polyester, Polypropylene, Viscose and Mixed Fibres. The SERVOTECH range offers excellent choice to work with ‘Application Specific’ Filter Media, depending upon the Machining specification and Coolant in use. Such an option to reach the optimum is never available with local filter paper.
  • The Technical Specification of SERVOTECH Filter Media is consistent and precise along the entire span of the Media
  • Air Permeability of SERVOTECH Media for a specific grade is far superior and can be verified and ascertained by any competent testing laboratory. This is not so in the case of Local Media. This high air permeability offers greater through put yet maintaining the consistent high degree of filtration efficiency.
  • It has been found in some cases that an Indian Media which was claimed to have a micron efficiency of 10µm, on being tested at an independent Foreign testing laboratory was found to be in the range of 100µ - 125µ.
  • With superior Filtration efficiency of SERVOTECH Media, the life of the ‘Machining Tool’ used on machines such as grinding, honing, lapping etc is considerably longer. The longer ‘Machining Tool’ life very well justifies the marginal high investment in using SERVOTECH Filter Medias.
  • Modern, State of Art Machines such as Transfer Lines, Machining Centres., are highly capital intensive machines. These are equipped with sensitive Police Filters, Sensors and detectors. The sub standard Coolant clarity can lead to tripping/stoppage of these capital intensive machineries amounting to considerable
  • Loss of production and heavy maintenance. By installing Application Specific ‘SERVOTECH’ high quality Filter Media, one can successfully over come these production and Quality related problems.
  • SERVOTECH Filter Media with uniform Air permeability offers uniform dust cake build up. This Dust Cake acts as the filter media itself, thereby achieving the higher filtration efficiency and protection against clogging and consumption of SERVOTECH Filter Media. Thus the SERVOTECH filter media works out economical as compared to Local papers.
  • Apart from Metal Fines in the Coolant, there are large traces of Tramp oil, which can form impervious Film together with the solid contamination. This will typically clog the Local Filter paper, whereas Tramp Oil is effectively arrested by the porous Dust cake, which is built on top of the ‘SERVOTECH’ Filter Media due to superior construction of the Media.
  • The fines generated incase of Aluminum machining are of peculiar in nature, since Aluminum is a soft metal. The Aluminum Fines which slips through the Local Filter Paper are effectively retained by ‘SERVOTECH’ filter Media.
  • In most of the cases the coolants/ machining oil used are emulsions (more than one liquid phase). Contaminations present in the emulsion lead to gradual splitting of emulsion in different phases that means shorter life of coolant. By using SERVOTECH filter media, it is established that the life of the coolant / machining oil is enhanced due to better filtration clarity of the coolant.
  • Coolants provide excellent medium for Bacterial growth. These Bacteria’s have the tendency to stick on to the metal fines. By effective removal of metal fines by ‘SERVOTECH’ Filter Media, one can ensure steady elimination of Bacterial growth. Removal of Bacteria helps in longevity of the coolant and also provides safer working ambience.
  • The finish of the machined component is achieved efficiently with improved coolant clarity offered by SERVOTECH Filter Media
  • The ultimate cost factor in machining i.e. ‘Machining Cost per Component’ is optimized with SERVOTECH Filter Media