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Compact Band Filter

We are counted among the rising Conveyor Type Paper Band Filter Manufacturers based in India. The Compact band Filter is an upgraded version of regular Paper band filter where the consumption of paper is very high and Very low degree of Filtration Efficiency.The principle of filtration though SERVOTECH CBF is by “Gravity + Hydrostatic Head” which together offers the required pressure for the fluid to pass through the filter media.

Construction: SERVOTECH CBF comprises of 2 disc wheels connected by a hallow shaft in the centre and Scrapper Blades at the Periphery. The 2 discs are perfectly parallel to each other and mounted vertically in the System. The float switch is provided to sense and maintain the Fluid level in the Trough. The float switch helps in sensing the rising level of the fluid and the indexing. A continuous Honey Comb Belt is positioned tangentially to the Disc Wheel at the bottom with the help of 4 shafts. The front Shaft is the Driveshaft. The Rear Shaft helps to maintain the tension on ‘Honey Comb Belt’ to be perfectly tangential to the discs. The Filter Media is placed between the Discs and the ‘Honey Comb Belt’. The Discs along with the Honey Comb Belt and the Filter Media together form the ‘Trough’ where filtration takes place.

Operation :The contaminated fluid is allowed to enter the SERVOTECH CBF from either of the sides or both the sides from the flanged inlets. As far as possible the contaminated fluid for filtration is allowed to get in to the SERVOTECH CBF with steady low velocity to avoid the turbulence when it drops on the ‘Trough’ The Fluid drops in to the trough through a dispenser on the rear side of the system i.e. the virgin filter media side. A small water fall effect is created while dropping the fluid through the dispenser. The solid particles settle by Gravity on the Filter Media forming a cake, which in turn acts as a fine filter. The Filter Media by itself attains the Roll of the support media. The fluid passes through the dirt cake and the filter media with the help of the Gravitational Force and Hydrostatic Head.

The rising fluid level in the trough is sensed by the float switch and the system indexes. When the indexing takes place, the virgin media is introduced from the rear side of the system. The exhausted media with the dirt cake is discharged from the front of the system. The doctor Blades connecting the wheels at the circumference acts as the scrapper blades, which slowly and surely discharges the solid dirt cake.

The Benefits Of Servotech CBF : Filtration under the Gravity and Hydrostatic Head- No External Pressure –Total energy savings The Electrical Energy required is only for indexing the filter media. The indexing motor is rated 0.06 kw which is negligible. The Filter Media used is “inexpensive Non Woven Filter Media. Depending on the inlet dirt load and the degree of clarity required media of different GSM can be selected – Flexibility. The SERVOTECH CBF has simple yet ROBUST construction offering practically NIL maintenance and uninterrupted long service life SERVOTECH CBF is light in weight and size occupying small floor space. Hence, SERVOTECH CBF can be installed even on top of a storage tank. SERVOTECH CBF offers all ease of Installation. Low initial investment and Simple inexpensive installation.

  • The space requirement for installation of Servotech Compact Band Filter is 10%- 20% of that of Gravity Band Filter. This means reduction of valuable floor space up to 70% on shop floor
  • Hydrostatic Head available with Compact Belt Filter is up to 450mm, i.e. 10 times that of Gravity Band Filter.
  • In view of excellent Hydrostatic Head, through put and filtration efficiency is much better enabling to minimize the Span of the Filter Belt
  • Excellent Hydrostatic Head of Compact Band Filter improve the filtration efficiency by superior dust cake build up
  • Paper consumption is lower by 50%as compared to Gravity Band Filter
  • Lesser Paper Consumption – Lower operating cost
  • In view of the excellent filtration efficiency, the machine operator is very flexible to adopt different Coolant without affecting the performance. Many end users using pure oil as Coolant have changed over to water based emulsions, which are less expensive, more environment friendly and hazard free
  • Initial high installation cost, but low operating cost – overall economy

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